the is my first song for some weeks now. i got bored and thought i'd try make something cool.

It's more riffy than anything else i've ever done before and features a keyboard solo....which isn't me playing (i suck at soloing on a keyboard) but it sound pretty cool for MIDI.

C4C Like always.

It's called Forever...


Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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Nice sound quality...sounds cool...overall its a pretty good song...lots of decent lead parts and such...Nice job...I like the song a lot.
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Nice opening riff, got me 'banging The sound quality is poor, but the playing is awesome. :O Sick solos!! I loved the harmonized bit, between guitar and synthesizer. Fades really nicely into an acoustic bit, but the very beginning of it reminds me of Stairway to Heaven ?!?! Canon Rock anyone? You should have made that last little shred bit longer before the fade away.

Good job, enjoyed it. It wasn't too repetitve, but some vocals wouldn't hurt, either Although it can stay instrumental.