hey guys just kinda finished the majority of a new track called nowhere to hide..

it needs bass, guitar fills, and backing soloish ****e in the last chorus but let me know what you think please

crit 4 crit

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Pretty good recording...vocals sound nice...guitaring is pretting cool...I like it...mix might need a bit more bottom end...found it a bit treably in spots...mostly when the volcals came in it was a bit harsh on my ears...more bottom end on the vocals would help that I think.

Nice job though...I like the tune a lot.
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I'm listening to this now... Your voice fits perfectly for this type of music. I agree with D Vincent though, It could use a little more bottom end. Very catchy tune...and the solo is good too. Good quality recording. Overall good job man.
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well thanks to the 2 dudes that listened and i agree with what both of you said. thanks for input and glad you like the song. i was hopin more ppl would check it out but i guess thats how these things go. haha
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thanks for the crit guys! i will def try to fix the things you mentioned. I cant wait to put bass on it and get those other fills and background solo in to it. then get a proper mix set up. just wanted to see how ppl responded to the song.
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Had to come back and listen to it again...it is a cool song...vocals remind me of metallica but still sounding like your own thing...I also like the song because its straight forward and in your face...its nothing to complicated and easy to digest...just the way i like it...song has continuity meaning continuous or connected. you have different parts that repeat and make sense to the casual listener.

I was also thinking maybe you should add some delay to the beginning guitar before the vocals come in in the beginning...take the delay off when the vocals come in...wonder what that would sound like...kind of like" killer of giants" by ozzy

It might sound cool with that type of delay on it

Killer of giants song here
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dude that is a very good idea! ill try that and see how it sounds.... thanks a lot for the crit and ideas man!

btw, killer ozzy song!
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i changed a bit on the mix, if you guys wanna listen and let me know how it sounds that would be super sweet!
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good song mate. nothing much i can criticise about it. love the ending when it got upbeat
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Very cool song, it has all of the fundamental things to be a perfect song. Once you add the bass it should make it 10x better and I'll be waiting for that. The chorus to me seemed a bit lacking in something. I'm not entirely sure what it is, but it needs a stronger kick in your face if you know what I mean. Vocals were very cool and they did at times remind me metallica, but it was still very original. The ending was really great how you took it up to another notch and I think it was my favorite part of the song.

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once im on high speed ill def crit you man, i hate dial up. lol most would think it dont even exist anymore.

thanks for the listens and compliments!
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hey man, listening as a type!. This is excellent quality, and sounds brilliant. And your voice is very well suited to this music. I love the second guitar that comes in a little later. Maybe lower the reverb/echo thing on your voice a little bit. Drums are great, and so is the guitar tone. This is very well put together. I don't know what to say, it sounds very professional.

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thanks a ton guys. rock on ill post new version with bass soon
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Sounds really good, Im very impressed. I really like the second guitar coming in a little before 1:00. Sounds like the solo could actually use a little cleaning up, it sounded a bit muddy, besides the mix during that part, it sounded really good. Very good vocals by the way! The way it picks up at the end was awesome.

If you've got time...
Like a mix of AIC and Metallica!

Love the solo, love the vocals, love the whole flow of it!

It kicks ass full stop!

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thanks dude! AIC is my favorite band of all time. neat how you noticed an influence.
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k, i put bass on it myself. got tired of waiting for the dude i play in a band with to come up and do it. im not a bass player, so its not real cool but it fills the song out. and i put a really crappy ending solo in it. i was tired but had nothing else to do. i would say its still not final tho cause i want to redo alot of stuff.
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k i wrote a crit for this then my computer ate it so ill soem it up quickly

the build up at the beginning is really good, but that little noise/note u play in the backgroudn behind the openign riff should be done mroe than once

the vocal harmonies in the chorus are really nice

the vox in the 2nd verse seem a little quiet and kinda sound like they are in teh distance, bring them forward more.

i can feel a bit of AIC in this

the end break is awesome, really changes up the pace and is really cool

all in all it's a good song!

couldu crit mine?

thanks dudes! Ill get critting as soon as i get on to a cpu without dial up so i can stream your tunes.
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if anyone else is interested, check it out. i put new bass and ****e on it
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hey man i like it a lot, i actually just curious what you use to record, sounds awesome?
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hey man i like it a lot, i actually just curious what you use to record, sounds awesome?

i use cool edit pro 2.0, leafdrums, and one of those lightsnake usb cables with the mic plug on the end with shure 57, and 58

thanks for the awesome replies guys!!! anyone else?
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It was good. I was impressed by what you did on your own putting it together.

The riff was good, it was well arranged. My only thing would be yes, it was good, it was catchy, but to me it sounded a little derivative.

A bit too much like every other band out there, you know? Maybe it was your guitar tone, which was great, but perhaps try and go for something a bit different maybe.

The double up vocals in the chorus was handy, made it sound a little bigger.

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Your voice is INSANE very nice!!!

wow dude, thats cool thanks haha
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Yeah, I really like your voice, and the guitar sounds really quite awesome.

Generally infact, a very good song, sorta thing you'd hear on a classic rock radio station, which is a compliment!

Infact I wish I could sing like that

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Thanks a ton dude! very nice compliment. Once i get to school ill give yours a crit man! Thanks!!!!!!
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