before i begin i apologise if this is a repost or anyhting, the search bar didnt coem up with anything.

so i just moved to a new apartment yester day kept the excact same settings i had on my amp and guitar, but ince i moved i have been picking up an intense amount of noise now. i have tried moving my set up to all the different rooms in the apartment but it does nothing. i didnt have this problem in my last place mihgt it be to location or what???any advice is welcome

EDIT: to only electronic device on in the apartment is the fridge which is very noisy. i dunno how i missed that il try unplugging it when i get home and get back to this tonight.

EDIT2: lemons, how would i tell if its damaged, its an older peavy cab(to old to read serial number), and a newer crate head.
just so i dont have to edit every post i make, let me clarify something I CANT TYPE WELL....thanks
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Is your TV / computer / anything turned on?

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Apartment? If there's anyone below you maybe they have a wireless device that's interfering.
^Could be. Or if you moved to a much higher floor than before or a different area of town you may just be more susceptible to interference. Is you guitar shielded? Also it may just be the wiring in the apartment isn't up to par. Only thing that may help in that case is a power conditioner.