So I was wondering what's your best crowdsurf experiance?

Mine was at a Metallica gig this summer during seek and destroy
During an All that Remains concert in Philadelphia, they were filming a DVD.

I crowd surfed over the barrier, i was trying to get out but this camera man kept pushing me out of his shot, so i pushed him over.
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That concert of rammstein in which the keyboard player grabs a lifeboat out of nowhere and starts surfing
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Megadeth - Glasgow Barrowlands 12th June 2007. Was at the front for the whole gig then during the Holy Wars solo I got fired over to one side before they passed me over the barrier. Awesome, but shame the guys made me crawl.
Also, at Unholy Alliance last year I was crowdsurfing during Lamb of God and got punched. Needless to say I had a bleeding nose. Epic.
havent had one yet, is there any links or tips for a 'how to tell when i suitable to crowdsurf?'

and also, how the hell d0 you get on top ??

I was at a Seether concert in '06 and someone came up to me and a friend and asked us to lift him up and surf him. We lifted him up, but instead of surfing him to another area, we just threw him over to a bunch of unsuspecting people. Nobody even braced his fall and he fell straight to the concrete. One of the funniest things I've ever seen.