Ok so I was at Guitar Center yesterday and I fell in love with the Fender Standard Telecaster..But Is it okay for distortion?

I play mostly rock and punk..Some metal

Would this guitar be ok?

Btw...I currently own a Schecter C 1 +...
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Yes it would. The Tele is great for rock. It's great for distortion if you have the right set up.
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No reason why it can't. It's actually used by several punk, rock and even symphonic death metal bands. It can get pretty bright, but it has a good biting sound with distortion.

Probably won't sound as thick as your C-1, though
I have an american standard telecaster and i find them more versatile than strats and i prefer how they feel - you may need to switch out a pickup for maybe an SD hot rail or even something hotter if you really want to play metal with it but how about playing punk with it ( Joe Strummer anyone?) and use the schecter for the metal? I strongly recommend.
You will sell your schecters after you buy it.
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Hell, if Wintersun can use it, anyone can.
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well i mean you already have two humbucker guitars. it'll do harder stuff fine, but your humbucker guitars will doubtless do it better. but considering you fell in love with the tele, and you already have two humbucker guitars, seems fair enough.

where are you in the world, though? fender aren't the only guys who make teles...

EDIT: what's your amp too?
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