Hey there,
I hope this is the right forums section to ask. My electric's strings seem to get dirty so fast. I just changed them and they were awesome, nice and smooth and slippery. Now after a week of playing a good amount they are sticky and rough, probably something to do with sweat and oil from my hands.

What should I use to wipe them off and get them back to somewhat normal?

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if you wipe them every time after playing it should help alot
not just after it builds up

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use a cloth and wipe it down before and after you play. if you can get your hands on mechanics rags, there great, i just dont know where to get them, so i cant tell you. and i suggest using a string cleaner/lube. i like "dr kysers stringfellow" or "fingerease".
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i dont use normal string cleaner everytime, but i do use a cotton rag everytime i remember to (maybe 1 out of 4 times). that helps a lot.

also, unless i change the strings after about a month's use (what i consider quick) then i like to clean the fretboard with lemon oil and q-tips.
i brought a few of these a while ago, and swear by them to keep your strings clean (even underneath!) and prolong their life
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