No, this doesn't belong in the relationship thread.

I'm 16, I recently had my first girlfriend. For a week we were doing great, but then one day she suddenly didn't feel a thing for me, because she thought I was with her just because I wanted to have a girlfriend, and not because I loved her. It was impossible to change her mind, so she broke up with me after exactly 7 days of being in a relationship.

And today, 3 days later, she made out with my best friend at school. He's a nice guy, he even asked me if it was okay with me that he'd hit on her, but jesus christ, I'm disappointed in the girl here! She is by no means a player/*****, she simply isn't "nice" enough to be that. Me and my friend were the only ones at school who liked her. But making out with another guy 3 days after breaking up the relationship with me? That burns.

Now to the question here: What can I do in order to feel better? Songs to play? Things to break? Babies to punch? I need help, I'm so frustrated!
Quote by Dores
No, this doesn't belong in the relationship thread.

sure it does.
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yes. punch babies. problem solved.
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