Everything we know,
Slowly slipping away,
The place we love and live,
Changes day to day,

And i know it won’t be long,
Till the darkness falls,
And everything we know and love is gone,

Time to start a change,
Today will be the day,
Take the stand,
To change our land,
And make all we know
A better place to love,

Smoke rings kill the air,
Like an arrow through out hearts,
The environment can not stand,
What where doing to our land,

When will we recognize,
The pain in which where causing,
The future is growing near,
What land will be leave?
What creation will we destroy?

It’s so simple to stop,
Don’t runaway from the issue,
Look to the head of state,

We can make a change,
For the future,
The time is now,

So simple to decide,
To easy not to hide,
And why not make a choice,
To take stand and show your voice,

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I just made a fool out of myself. Expect a critique for that . Sometime tommorow
i guess i lost track then, but i deleted the other post, it was a double post by mistake,
I liked it all the way until "A better place to love,". Didn't like the rest. But the first half was very good, me likey.
anything that would make the second half better, anything i could improve on?
hm i think it´s quite fine... but i personally like it more abstract cause this is said quite straight out......

this part suxxx

We can make a change,
For the future,
The time is now,

it´s not that good as the rest is it seems a bit chunky^^

but all in all it´s fine!!!
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