Hello there.
I am trying to Adjust my Guitar Truss Rod.
I read lot's of guides and I think I can do this.
the problem is that all the guides point out not to use force.
when I am trying to adjust this thing with no force, it wont budge!!

my guitar is Jackson DXMG.

anyone can tell me how much force can I use before I am trying again?
I know how to make setup and everything. this is the one thing I dont know because I never tried.
I am willing to take the chance of a broken neck. no one said learning is cheap or easy!!

I am trying to adjust the neck because the high E is blocked all the way from 13 to 21 fret.
turn it the opposite way first to loosen it. compensate by turning the correct amount.

im hoping, u;ve measured and are doing it correctly.

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