Hey guys, I know its a guitar forum, but just thought I would try and see if anyone is interested in my Apple iMac I have for sale. I have had it for about 2 years. I am a graphic designer so my computers are taken very well care of. Here are the specs:

2.0 Ghz powerpc processor
2 gigs of ram
160 gig HD
17" monitor

I can give more details regarding this computer to serious inquirys, such as pictures, software and such. I have invested about $1500 into this, so I am setting the price at $1100 + shipping. It will also have a new keyboard just out of the box, a mighty mouse, and an iLugger, which is a carrying case to hold the computer and all accessories, valued at $100.

This is a really good deal to anyone looking to purchase a Mac for a good price.
bump. It is a really good computer with Garage band, which is good and easy to use recording software