So I was out of town the other week and I decide to go to a musicstore I've never been to before. I was curious to see if they stocked any Windsors since I'm in the market for one. I asked the salesman if they had any, but he told me that they are unreliable and aren't worth the price. Then he showed me some Kustom solid state half stack which were apparently more "bang for the buck". I didn't try it because I were in a hurry and jumped on the buss home, confused as other people have told me the opposite.
Is this true or was he just trying to sell me some piece of crap just beacuse they didn't have the Windsor?
Also which Marshall is it most similar to? Because I've been told that it's similar to some plexi and on the other hand I've heard that it's similar to the jcm 800.
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Probably the latter. The Windsor would have been far better. And it's similar to a JCM800, I think.
Yeah I thought it would be something like that, but I'd still like to hear it from a windsor owner though.
The Windsor sounds awesome, get a warranty and you're good to go!

I've never heard anything about reliability before. He'll probably tell you "most of them get returned within a year, they have tubes that go out, it's irreplacable"
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It's a peavey. For most of their amps, they last forever.
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well thats nothing new, guys in guitar centres are usually queers! bar a few.

And the Peavey is bang on for the buck!