So I was reading some John Dryden for class, and for those of you who aren't familiar with him, he pretty much made heroic (rhyming) couplets a literary form. So I forced myself to write down these ideas using it...if I were to make this into a song, I'd probably use the second stanza or verse as a chorus...so thats what I was coming from for that.

c4c as always. Thanks for reading!

You smiled, laughed, and touched my hands;
We liked the same books, places and bands.
Things seemed perfect in these warm moments;
We enjoyed our time without laments.

We hit if off or so I thought,
But we just proved that our friendship was for naught.
I gave you everything I could;
Personal thoughts you never would.

I know you have a boyfriend, and thats fine;
No reason you can't still be a friend of mine.
He's so different from me: good looks and charm;
Do you both think I'll do you some harm?

Situations change and that can't be helped;
sometimes difficult hands get dealt.
Our friendship gets harder to keep;
The classic constraints of time and distance are steep.

I still call you and try to talk,
but you always seem to balk.
I don't know why I still insist trying;
I really don't mean to be so prying.

Our plans to meet never produce a single fruit,
and you don't seem to give a hoot!
You're never able to bend,
and I don't have time for a one-sided friend!

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I don't really have the time right now to do a full crit. I only noticed a few issues with the flow of the piece. A few spots seem to be dragged out too much. Other than that, it was excellent. I have a link to an Untitled song in my sig, C4C?
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