hey i was wondering if anybody could help me out

i have the red hot chili peppers slane castle dvd, and wanted to learn how to improvise like flea

could anyone tell me what scales to use to improvise over "throw away your television" "around the world" and "californication"

any help would be hugely appreciated
around the world : Em (including Em pentatonic and such flea opens with Em blues scale)
Californication : Am (including pentatonics)

but it's not just that, it also has to do with the chord changes too, which is what RHCP seems to be about. like for californication i think the chord progression is Am, F.

there mebbe something in A Aeolian (under Am) and then in F Lydian (under F)
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thanks devilscruffs14

also comments on any other songs by them or good bands to improv over would be great

the By The Way outro from Hyde Park is always fun to jam over

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