I've been looking around for awhile now, at Ibanez RG's, Strats, Epi LP's, Faded V's, everything.

My budget is around $400-600. I want something that plays smooth, thats my main concern. Low action, decent neck, all that stuff. My other main concern is size. I dont want something tiny like how my S is. I want something for full sized, Strats for example feel good for me.

My current option is finding a HSH routed Standard Strat, and throwing in a new bridge and neck pickup. That should cost about $600 total if I also replace the middle pickup.

Music style: I play anything from classic rock to metal. Anything from Kansas to Metallica, Zeppelin to Soundgarden. My main style is hard rock though, with hints of classic rock and metal.

(My amp will help with metal)
Some Strats (even SSS) are routed with the "swimming pool" route underneath the pickguard. I would check around to see which models have this routing. If you are going to replace the pickups anyway you might be able to get a pickguard with the pickups already installed. Could save you some time and money.
Schecter's aren't that expensive and they play really really good and have nice sound, but they are best for metal.....
ESP's are also great guitar but maybe a little expensive but really good also.....
Peavey made some cool and cheap ones.....
Washburn is also worth considering.....

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Schecter arent just for metal...if you get an c-1+ that has a les paul sound with a strat feel, but w. a set neck and i got mine for 450 its great.
I really dislike the look of Schecters ive seen, post the ones you guys are suggesting