Im gonan either get a Epi LP standard or LP custom...its already been decided. Problem is i dont know which one to get. I kinda want the Custom becasue it comes in white but it may be easier to get the Standard cause its a little cheaper. the White is a big factor with me. Ive tried several out and ive found that some necks are smaller then others, which i prefer, but i wanted to see what general opinoins on these were.

Ill be trying otu the one i buy, but should i just try the ones on the wall and then say check the back of the store or just go straight to the back? I dont wanna piss the guy off going back and forth getting me guitars cause i havent found the perfect one. Thanks.

PS i have an MG but a Mesa 5:50 is on the way. play a lot of everything, but mostly classic rock esque stuff.
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