can you physically not talk to her because you get nervous or something or you just don't get the oppurtunity to talk to her much?
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Ignorance is bliss. Oedipus ruined a great sex life by asking too many questions.
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Talking to girls when theres just awkward silences is better when theyre either a) blowup or b) unconscious.

In all seriousness, just stand there putting a condom on while talkin to her, she'll start talking.
Why do you like her if you don't have enough chemistry to even carry on a small conversation...?
nope not nervous at all, and i yes i have plenty of chance to talk to her
and yes we can carry small conversations but not like for a good amount of time
ps.the relationshiop thread is a sea of replies and prolly mine wouldnt get noticed, sheez they should have made a relationship forum
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so, theres a girl i like, but we dont have much chemistry, like when i begin talkin to her, most the time its just a few sentences and thats all, so what can i do? or should i move on?

Give up. No Chemistry means it will not work to date her. Maybe you will maul on to her sometime but she will never be your girlfriend by the way you describe it.
Actually, if there's no chemistry, throw some acid in her face and scream "THERES CHEMISTRY!!!! CHEMICALS EQUALS CHEMISTRY!!!!"

then crawl away, and for the rest of your life be a husk of the being you once were.
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Why do you like her if you don't have enough chemistry to even carry on a small conversation...?


i dont know where that came from
lmao simple soultion find a new girl to like
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