i wanna try to get a good nirvana-type sound. can any one tell me what amp and guitar settings i should be set on?? it would be much appreciated. thnx.
Any specific album or song? I don't know much but I know for a fact for most of the In Utero distortion he used a Boss DS-2 pedal (DS-1 would probably work too) with the Dist. knob all the way up and the Tone at 11 o'clock. I highly suggest getting a DS-1 because they are very, very handy if you're playing rock.

Edit - And as far as guitars go, I know he mostly played Fenders. He usually used Mustang or a Jaguar, but at the MTV Movie Awards performance (yeah, the one where Krist gets hit by his bass), he played a Strat. And these guitars usually come with single-coil pickups in them, but Kurt usually replaced the bridge pickup with a humbucker.
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for cleans-just up your base and mids,use a little reverb,and play your guitar with a medium tone and on your bridge pickup.play around with it.
Oh and I have some more too! I know he turns his mid all the way up.

If you want more info, there are websites floating all over the Internet with this type of information. If you want to know his rig try guitargeek.com.
if u look at the inside of the "IN Utero" sleeve, it says wat volume levels ur amp should on
Cobain used a lot of gear at a lot of different times. I've posted about this before but I figured I'd make it easy on you. That and I just woke up and as of yet have nothing better to do.

When he recorded Bleach I... don't really know what he used. My best guess would be the Jaguar that would prominently be seen (and then destroyed) during the Nevermind era, but I'll go into detail about that later. I do know that the rhythm guitarist who played on the album but was then removed from the band played a modified Fender Telecaster with an HS configuration.

Throughout the recording of Nevermind and the subsiquent Nevermind tour he used a 1965 3-tone sunburst Fender Jaguar with an alder body and rosewood fingerboard with mother-of-pearl fret inlays. Both of the pickups were replaced with DiMarzio Humbuckers, a PAF in the neck and a Super Distortion at the bridge. The bridge was replaced with a tune-o-matic bridge and Cobain taped over many of the Jaguar's switches (due to the fact that he did not use them) and replaced the Jaguar's rhythm/lead circuit selector with a Gibson-esque 3-way pickup selector. Amp-wise (this refering, obviously, to the album and not the subsiquent live performance) he prominently, in Pixies fashion, used the Vox AC30. However, certain tracks, such as Lithium, were recorded using a Fender Bassman amp.

On the In Utero album and its subsiquent tour (it's worth noting that Cobain also used this guitar somewhat frequently during the Nevermind Tour), Kurt Cobain used what he considered his favourite guitar, a 1969 "Competition model" Lake Placid Blue Fender Mustang. Like his Jaguar, the Mustang bridge had been replaced with a GOTOH TOM bridge. The pickups in the Mustang had been replaced by two black single coils, the names of which I've never been able to figure out. On the album, Cobain made use of a very badly beaten up Fender Twin Reverb amp. Continuing his tradition from the later Nevermind tour, Cobain used a Mesa/Boogie Studio Preamp paired up with two Crest 4801 power amps (due to his previous power amp literally being blown up by how hot the Mesa was).

I'm not particularly aware of Cobain's pedals other than the SD-1 he used but there are a lot of great places on the web that can tell you about Cobain's gear thousands of times better than I can. But if you take one thing from this post it's that you need to know that Cobain bought most of his guitars, even while he actively had the purchasing power not to, from pawn shops. In addition to his Jaguar and Mustang (the Mustang being what he labeled as his favourite guitar) he played a lot of Japanese Stratocasters (most prominently a black one with an HSS configuration -- a Dimarzio SD in the bridge) as well as the occasional Telecaster (he recieved a heavily modified Telecaster shortly before he died that he considered his "new favourite"). Emulating the Nirvana sound isn't a particularly easy thing to do due to the fact that his gear was often banged up and almost by defenition nonstandard. This point is emphasized on tracks like Something in the Way and Polly -- the acoustic guitar you're hearing is a Stella 12-string guitar, strung with 5 nylon strings.

In my opinion, the closest you're going to get, guitar-wise, to Cobain is a Mustang with an HS configuration and a TOM bridge. Amp-wise, the Vox AC30 was the amp most heavily used by Cobain in the studio and seems to emulate his sound the best.
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The pickups in the Mustang had been replaced by two black single coils, the names of which I've never been able to figure out.
SD Hot Rails bridge, stock neck. I'm pretty sure Cobain never owned an AC30 and only used one for a couple clean parts on Nevermind. Anyway, I don't want to get in a debate on who knows his gear better. The only place you need to go to is www.kurtsequipment.com. Straight from his guitar tech and 100% accurate.