Okay say i'm soloing over a chord progression like......Am F C G............okay and i'm using the major scale....the c major scale....now when i'm soloing over the progression do i stay soloing in the c major scale all the time or do i change to a different mode when i change chords.... or perhaps do i change to a f major scale over the F chord and the Am pentatonic over the Am chord etc.......
Please help me??????
also if you could leave your age as well when you reply i'm just curious to know if someone younger than me knows the awnser.........
It depends what key you're in. If you're in Am, then you'd be using the A Aeolian mode (A B C D E F G A), and if you are in C the C major scale (C D E F G A B). You'd land on notes in the mode/scale that are present in the chord you're playing over, to emphasize the changes. So over the F chord, you may centre your solo around F A and C. Over C, you may use C E and G.
idk...and on some parts of songs, it would seem to be crazy to do. I think u can use the scales in a certain key. Thats a common progression, but there arent many solos in the songs i kno that use that progression.

btw, im 14.
You don't have to make it complicated. All those chords are from the key of C.
So, use the notes from C major. You don't need to think about modes at all.
Am Pent will also work very well (since those are all notes from C major as well).

You can play throught the chords as well as with them. Mix it up.
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yeah, that progression is very centered around the am key. it would sound kind of weird to throw a Bb in just for the F chord and an F# in for the G chord. not that you shouldn't do that, maybe it'll sound good at times, but you don't have to switch scales you use. just use the a minor pentatonic on the fifth fret.

if you were playing some jazz song with a chord progression that doesn't fit into the same key it would be good to shift the scales you use, but you'll be fine.
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Best advice ever.

No, its kind of lame advice. Its not unlike saying since the Chromatic scale contains
all the notes, why bother learning any other scales?

Yeah, you can play whatever note you want. But if you want to learn to control
your melodic lines, start with what fits the key. Assuming that progression is
just straight ahead rock, it doesn't deviate out of key. The choice is simple. C major
(A minor). Try to outline the chords with your lines -- just a suggestion. Forget
about modes. You don't need them for this unless it was jazzed up
^Although I agree with you, I think Instrumetal was being sarcastic. Yeah, sarcasm doesn't go well over the internet.

If you weren't, I'm sorry
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Get baked, study theory.

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Why are you bringing Cm into this?