So I really want to get into playing bass since I am much better at writing songs on it than guitar. See, I already have a bass but it's a BC Rich Warlock NT I bought used for $100. I know it sounds stupid, but I just can't pick it up and play it. I have no desire to touch that thing because it looks so ridiculously stupid, so it just sits in my corner all day long. I want a bass that I can use in both rock and jazz music. If I show up at a jazz gig with a Warlock they'd kick me out and I wouldn't blame them.

So basically I want to sell the Warlock and get a new bass. However, I don't know anything about bass specs, pickups, etc. so I need help with some suggestions. It needs to be versatile enough for metal, rock, and jazz, but it has to actually look like a real guitar and not a piece of ****. I would prefer a green bass but so far I haven't found one that comes in green. My price range would be about $250-$450.

So, bass experts, what should I get?
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I would prefer a green bass but so far I haven't found one that comes in green. My price range would be about $250-$450.

Don't we all.

But I recommend the Squier Vintage Modified Jazz. Nice price and nice bass.
u should check out the GSR series that Ibanez has. i hav the "starter pack" model, came with a GSR 100 or sumfin' lyk that...the bass itself is actually really good, and by turning one knob, u can change the sound rather a lot from balanced too high and punchy to low and trembling. its great actually! and trust me when i say they hold together fine too!! things mite get bent (trust me to know) but they still sound the same!
i would adivse gettin a ibanez K5 (what fieldy from korn uses)
you will be welcomed as a god into a rock gig
and its a nice bodied guitar .. so a jazz gig would go down nice 2
me and my friend both have K5's and all gigs welcome us =]
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Fender made a colour called Sherwood Green back in the day. We bought my buddy a Squier P-Deluxe in that colour. Check eBay and see what you can get.
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fender used to make the standard series basses in a colour called sage green, don't know if they still do but yeah you may get one in your price range
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