Hey UG. I need some help. Can anyone reccomend me some songs that will help me improve my technique? I have been playing guitar for about 5 years now so I would say that I am about intermediate level. It feels like I have hit one of those "walls" and I figure learning some new songs and techniques may help me out.

Also some songs that will help me get better with my wah will be appreciated

Thanks for all of your help!

For me, one of the songs that made me improve was Tetragrammaton by The Mars Volta...but I don't even know what style do you play.
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well i mostly play hard rock/alternative... but I'm open to anything that can improve my technique and speed.
Holy Wars by Megadeth has a lot of different riffing and techiniques

helped me loads
Thanks JRohr, the song does seem to have a few different techniques and will help with my speed .

Any other suggestions from UG?
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Good luck.
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satch boogie, the whole song, with the solo, and errrr i think learning the intro to scarified by paul gilbert would be handy, it helped me