What are the differences between the Fender Hot Rod 1x12 deluxe and 2x12 deville? And will someone please describe the tonality?

Much appreciation
look a few threads down , you'll find a thread with the information you are looking for.
I've got a deville. The deville and Deluxe are 75% identical, the clean channel on both is amazing, the overdrive is terrible on the deluxe but pretty decent on the deville.The main difference's are the drive channel, the speakers (deluxe has 1x12, deville has 2x12 or 4x10) and the deluxe is 40 watts, while the deville is 60.

There both really good amps for the price, i love mine and with a good OD pedal it can do almost any type of music.

Most people will say that the OD is complete ****, but thats only on the deluxe, its a different circuit on the deville and sounds much better.
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