I bought some heavy guitar string's, they are 56 gauge and I'm trying to put the damn guitar string's on but I cant fit the big B into the thing about an inch away from the hole that you wrap the string around. I use a Squire Stratocaster and if you dont know what I mean then look at this guitar http://www.fender.com/products//search.php?partno=0117400712

You see that white thing near the top of the neck? that's what I cant fit my string on
It's really frustrating I dont know what I'm doing so any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
That white thing is called the 'nut'; it needs a bigger hole in it and for that you'll need to take your guitar to a qualified guitar tech so they can do it for you. Just make sure they know exactly what you want or you could end up paying for the wrong mod.
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that thing is called a "NUT" and i just grinded mine down with some sand paper and the put some graphite oil on after putting my strings on.
If your gonna put a real fat gauge of strings, your gonna have a few problems, assuming your trying to stay in standard tuning. The tension with be very high, and most likely break your strings, you will have to file your nut down so that the slot is bigger, and if you ever want to use a lighter gauge, too bad, and you intonation might get messed up, and your playability assuredly will. Unless your tuning down, I dont really recommend this.
dont force them in!!

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I had no problem putting in my 52 gauge string's, is there any thing I could use to stretch the nut myself? I'm kinda broke.
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I had no problem putting in my 52 gauge string's, is there any thing I could use to stretch the nut myself? I'm kinda broke.

A file, about 8 bucks I think, I heard of people using the string itself as a file, just make sure you do it right.
Ok thank's for your guy's help, I'm using a nail filer to widen the nut.
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You don't "stretch the nut" man, you have to file the slot out in the nut where the string sets. Make sure thats what you want before you have it done or do it, because when it's done it's done and you'll have to the nut replaced if you want to use smaller gauge strings if the slot is to big.
I got it, thanks very much guy's I probably would of messed it up if it wasn't your help.
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it took me about 10 mins with a nail file to go from(groves that were barley big enough for 9-42 to switch to 10-60)
It only took me about a couple minutes to file it and fit the low B in , I'm so glad I asked this forum for help or else I would probably mess up the nut.
I wouldn't try putting thick gauge strings into a Squier or any other low quality guitar.

Just go to your store, and say "Can I have a pack of 9 gauge strings?".
he wants to tune to B, yes his guitar wont sound as good as zakk wylde's les paul with those in it, whooptee doo.

anyways, glad you were able to fix yur problem, i've got some of these zakk wylde customs i'm gonna have to sell to a friend because i didn't know i'd F up my fixed trem if i put those in lol, i'd have to get everything set up :/ oh well though, gonna put some .11-48's in it instead.
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