Hey guys, Here is the first cab I ever made, circa a few years ago. It's more than a little rough around the edges, all I really had was a jigsaw a screwdriver and a dream. I haven't gotten great at making cabs yet, but I've improved quite a bit and I was thinking of using my improved skills to make a sister for this one based on her sweet color scheme.

The cab itself is has two jensen 8 ohm, 10 inch, "mod" speakers wired in parallel in mono. (a very cheap and easy build hooray!) --I picked the impedance and color scheme to best compliment the epi valve junior head I own (modding sometime in October so look for the thread).

Now the look I was going for is "it kinda hurts to look at it, but I can't turn away." I'd mainly like to know if everyone thinks this should be repeated with a little more polish or if it is an abomination that should not be reproduced.

Yes the cloth is pea-green with off white polka-dots!

Here is the open back with simple metal plate for jack mounting

Finally, here it is.. matching and clashing with my epi valve junior head at the same time... I love it.

Thanks for your input!
Do it again, but do the covering in black with a red grill, or a red front, creme grill, and black sides. Just get rid of the puke green grillcloth in ur next one. So u have something to match your Valve Jr. head, maybe for recording. Wire it as a stereo cab as well.
God that green is ugly.
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Quote by cokeisbetter
Sweet. How's it sound?

Sounds pretty good for how cheap the jensen mod series speakers were, actually I like the sound a lot overall for any speakers. I will probably just build a new cab and do it properly and move the speakers over. I'll definately do it in stereo this time.

Do you guys think I should do the open back thing again or go for a sealed back? The valve junior head is already so dark sounding... I even thought about mounting a metal plate inside the cab above the speaker, but I thought that would make it sound tooo tinny and brittle.

Also, I think the red casing is a good idea (no way I'll do boring old black), the creme doesn't work so well as the primary color if it's supposed to match the epi... Still I don't know if I want to match the epi or just have the most awesomely ugly cab ever...

would anyone vote for this for ugliest cab ever?