My first post in UG, but im a long-time user, both for information on guitars and gear and for guitar tabs. I've been playing casually for about 6 or 7 years with some breaks in there, but I'm really beginning to get into guitar. I'm a Dean nut, and i bought a used Dean ML-X Noir body on eBay for about 20 bucks, plus shipping. It was in pretty good condition, with only medium scratches in the finish around the neck joint and a wood chip on the bottom left corner.
At this point, I havent had to spend much time actually doing woodwork on it, so it has been a great project for me so far, just minor adjustments in routings and screw holes and such. I bought a custom neck from SoulMate Custom Guitars (Doug is an amazing craftsman and a great guy! www.soulmateguitars.com), and the rest of the parts I've bought on eBay also. At this stage, it is almost completely stripped (I've done it by hand...very tedious, although I used an electric sander for about half of it before I was forced to give it back hehe), and all the necessary parts are here, even the case.
The first picture is a computer rendition of the guitar, except it has dot inlays instead of block.
The second is what it looked like when I recieved the body.
The third is the current body with the custom neck placed with it.
Gimme your feedback!
Nice. But u didnt have to strip it entirely if u wanted a redburst rly. All u had to do was sand down the clear and the laquer/nitro later, and spray on the red. But it would be easier to do a red base with black edges. What pickups are u gonna put in it? A JB/59 would be good for rock, or some EMGs or some Bill Lawrence pickups for metal, which is what that guitar wants. Especially with a Floyd route. Spend as much as possible on a Floyd. Get a crappy one, and a divebomb will throw u a whole half-step outta tune. Get good locking nut parts and good tuners as well. Should look awesome when ur done.
well the wood chip at the bottom was the biggest hassle so far...it was probably 3 or 4 millimeters deep, so i figured the most failsafe was to fix it was to sand it down till it was uniform, and there was also the issue of the scratches/cracks near the neck joint...i figured id sand it all the way down to see if they went through the wood (which would probably have made me choose to scrap the project, as id be unwilling to risk putting money into it with the threat of the neck joint failing...and i guess i just felt like sanding alot :-P) also, its my first project guitar, and im kinda wingin it
anyway, im having a friend of a friend paint it professionally, and from there ill have the friend wire it and set it up, also professionally hehe
putting a Seymour 59/JB set in it, and (i know...i know...i shouldnt have) a liscensed floyd. still though, its a nice hefty one (ill probably replace it after a while, but for now ill make do with it. a better one will probably be my christmas present to myself)
ive never really gotten to play on a guitar with Bill Lawrences also, so i figured id stick to what i know and love right now. i got alot of this stuff dirt cheap on ebay (got lucky on alot of it) so i figure theres always room to replace anything im not happy with
it should be going in for paint this week hopefully, so ill keep posting updates as it moves along.