whats your favorite electric guitar?
Not just brand i mean model too
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As much as I begrudge BC Rich, the Exotic Mockingbird really has me drooling right now. I played the NJ and it was pretty nice, the exotic should be even nicer
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I like Fender, I like the telecasters. I own one but its a squier, so I'm not sure if that counts or not but I like it anyways just need new pickups because the factory pickups ****-ing suck. The strats aren't bad but the only ones id own would be a replica of david gilmours or eric clapton's blackie replica. Gibson is nice I like the les pauls, I hope to own one someday.
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To be honest, I haven't tried many, as I am left handed, but I love my Jackson Dinky, as well as my Yamaha APX.. And Les Pauls and American Strats are great too.. thats all I've really played to be honest, lefty guitars are disgustingly understocked.
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Id say a Blue Gibson Les Paul would be great. I like Strats, simply because of the tones u can get out of the three pickups.
Firebirds...love the shape tone playability...and I'd also have to say the Gibson 335 styles, a bit more jazzy bluesy flavour
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Charvel Super Strats from the 80's. I've only played one but it was a really good guitar.
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Squier Tele's....ESP/LTD LC's...Ibanez Artcore guitars....Japanese Fenders, too many different guitars that are good.
Schecter C-1 series guitars are probably my favorite. They're comfortable and they have a great sound. However i also really love Fender Strats and Teles of any kind.
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Gibson Les Pauls, specifically with 50's necks and Gibson Burstbucker pickups. Either in arctic white with gold hardware and black binding/mountings/pickguard or a light, well-loved and naturally faded cherry sunburst flame maple top (not that crap forced 'faded' effect they use on some new models that just makes everything look flat orange/brown). Rosewood or ebony fingerboards all the way.

That said, I'm also a fan of Epi's necks, and Kramers. Both are only a small way behind Gibson.
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And also Gibson SG Standard in heritage red. And well, pretty much every classic vintage guitar ('52 Tele, '57 Strat, '62 Strat, '59 Les Paul...) I'm a lover of PRS and vintage guitars!!
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