Okay, Im going to try to explain this as best as I can, but excuse me if I don't find the right words to say it... Basically, right now I am trying to learn the diminished scale, but I have trouble when you change the chord played behind it, It changes the whole setup of the scale.

If you look at this scale, its a C Diminished: CLICK

In the middle column you will see "Chords" change it from a "C" to say an "D". See how it changes the structure of the scale? It is confusing me, and my main goal is to try to memorize all the structures with the different chords. So I guess my real question is, is there some kind of easy way to remmember each scale structure for each different chord or "key".

Thanks, I know that explanation sucked, I tried...
take bits of it at a time and than when you finish the first part keep going in parts? I dunno, I'm working on scales myself too.
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I don't know why it does that. It makes a shape that could be three notes per string 4. I say just use common sense and don't take what they say to be set in stone. Those 8's on the G string would be better imo as 4's on the B string.