Firstly, the footswitch on my 5150 II is busted. well not the switch, the dodgy lead for the switch. Its not just a normal jack lead its a wierd 7 pin lead and I cant find any replacements anywhere. I also tried to solder it but it r8 fiddely. So if anyone knows where I can get a new one it would be much appreciated.

Secondly, Ive got GAS. I really want a white explorer (probably due to Guitar Hero 2), like Hetfield used to play, though I dont want to shell out for a proper Gibson one because they are over priced and I dont want one with a pick guard. Ive looked at ESP's and they dont make the ones I like anymore, Ive looked at Edwards and they would be realy expensive too Especially in the UK. Ive also ruled out Ibanez destroyers. But Ive found this.
Now I dont know much about Peavey guitars and for the price Im not too sure on the quality either. Ive never seen one in any guitar shop so I dont think Id be able to go play one. Opinions on this guitar??

EDIT: If I do get this guitar, Ill probably swap the pup's to summit better.

i can't find any connected to plugs/jacks, so get yourself whatever jacks you need and some cable, build your own cable.

for the guitar check out Tokai guitars, pretty good quality, even the korean made ones
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EDIT: totally changing message.

Right, Im gunna contact Peavey customer services in the UK about the lead. I cant believe that didnt occur to me before.
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