yeah, im tired of my hair. i want something total badass. my hair is really curly and wavy and is about 3inches long (i could easily grow it out, but it turns into a jew-fro if i do) so i wanna go get my haircut but i dont know what to do. i want something that doesnt really require any maintenance in the morning, just something simple but wicked cool. like what color to dye it or what parts to dye and what not.

im gonna go ahead and get the classic pit comments out of the way that i know someone will say.
no liberty spikes
no afro
no total shaved head
no dreadlocks
no cornrows
no emo ****
not that one thing with ur hair slicked down into like a triangle on ur forehead (cant remember what its called)'

so what yall think i should do, serious comments plz.
get a bowl cut
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get a bowl cut

Definition of awesome.
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Gunpowder FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!

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Gunpowder you fucking rock!!

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looks like i missed out on some of the stupid pit comments but thanks for making me laugh. now seriously plz. lol

omg i loled harder than i loled from this forum in a long time from that black guy with the hair hat. touche my friend, touche.
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go for the emo ****

everybody's doing it
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mullet, definately.
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i second the mullet

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not that one thing with ur hair slicked down into like a triangle on ur forehead (cant remember what its called)'
Get the jew fro
if it's a good one, chicks dig it
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Good lord. You are amazing.

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get a baby mohawk. its pretty much shirt hair but longer in the center and gel it in the middle. but yeah that easy in the mornign thong might not work out lol it takes only a minute when ur used ot it. it depends on wta u look like realli. ask a girls friend or something.
i wish i could get phil's hair in the cowboys from hell video thats so sick. but my hair is too curly and jewey
I might go for a Tim McGrath (Rise Against): A mix between a mini-mullet and a mohawk with lashings of facial hair.
Just got to wait till i can grow a beard...
If you have curly hair it is probably going to take some maintenance. If you don't want to do any maintenance then you are probably gonna just have to get the same haircut every boy that is in highschool has. That one where its a little longer than a buzz, you kno what I mean. But curly hair is a bitch. Mine is really annoying. I have hair down to my eyebrows and i try to keep the top wavy or straight the the bangs and sides curly. I use ganier fructis shampoo/conditioner and then ganier fructis leave in conditioner. Not the best products but they work. And btw I'm not gay. My girlfriend really likes my hair even tho I don't really like its curly-ness. I'f I were you i'd just grow it out and try to keep it somewhat maintained. Just me tho
sounds like your hair is like my friends, the person in my avatar. just gel or wax it in the morning, shouldn't take long. if not, grow long and get it straightened.
It's gonna be a blue day
thx for some real helpful advice yiggity. i dont mine slightly curly hair but i grew it out a lot one time and it grew up more than out lol. i dunno, ill figure something out. i really dont like **** in my hair, i was considering like dyeing part of it blue or something. then growing an awesome beard and piercing my lip. maybe it will all go good together lol. ill ask a good lady friend of mine too, maybe she can help.
You asked for help on a wicked hairstyle, then listed about 10 hairstyles that you didn't want.
Then you said you didn't want to grow it long. Then you said you didn't want to have to maintain it. Then you said you didn't want to use any products.

Man, what do you expect us to come up with ?
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I have curly hair, let it grow out and it will weigh itself down. Into a non-Jew-Fro. What I do with mine is I wax it back, or stick it in a pony tail.
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There is poetry in despair.