I think they both sound good, they sound different from eachother, but I think neither is actually "better" it just depends on what sound you want. I like both...
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Out of those two, I always trust a hum in the neck.

I'm fine with HSS, HSH, HH.
I'm a pretty dedicated H-H fan myself. I've experimented with pickup configurations and I've found that I can get the best tones (to my liking) with an HH setup. Just sounds bigger with the individual pickups and they can be split and tapped or even just put out of phase to give a huge range of tones.
My carvin is going to be H/H, so i think i'm going to be a humbucker neck person for the next 10 years or so.

But it does have a coil split (or was it tap??)

Man i want that guitar
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I actually prefer a H-S-H. H-S-S sounds nice also.
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