What is the general opinoin on Epiphone LP's. I might want to get one. I know that I don't want a base line one, and don't want a really expensive one. Are these better than Fender Squire Strats?
I prefer the way that Squier Strat's feel, and prefer the sound of their Affinity series, but you're really going to have to decide yourself.
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anything is better than squire. they are a good guitar depending on which one you get. you may want to change the pups
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I now have an Affinity strat, but, i personally feel like it is going to fall apart
hell yeah, i used to have a squire strat, then bought a epi paul, havent looked back

they leave em' standing for tone (though im sure someone with a gibson will mock me for complimenting the tone of an epiphone)

im not saying ive got anything against squires, i love mine and still play it (it has a whammy bar which les pauls dont)

wow i use brackets a lot and seem to be contradicting myself quite a lot

basically, they are both good guitars for relatively amateur (no offence (more brackets)) players, id just recommend a les paul if you can afford it (no offence again)

+ they come in cool colours as well
Are Epi's a good second guitar? Like, I am looking for the biggest upgrade in the 500$ range from the Squier.
go LTD, you can get a sick deal on a 300 series Eclipse if you can find them. i'm in a gigging band and my main guitar is the EC 300.
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no question, the Epi's shred Squire.

the Epi LP's are great! they have many of the same essential parts as it's Gibson counterpart. if you wanted it to compete with a Gibbo, you would just need to upgrade the pups & electronics and have a specialist give it a proper set-up. and wah-lah! you have a Gibson for half the price.

I own three Epi's, and haven't been dissappointed one bit by any one of them. the price to tone value on them is unbeatable. on the other hand, none of them are thier cheapest models.
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Get a Korean LP copy from another brand. Epi is overpriced and not as good as something like an Agile, Michael Kelly, or Schecter. If cash is tight you can get a high end Agile AL for <$400 and it will smoke an Epi. The Schecter C-1 artist also looks like a killer deal for $450, its got real duncans it it
ya epis are overpriced.


check out the AL series there cheap and amazing quality. anything aboce the 3000 models should be better then the epis.check them out and rondomusic.net
What I want to know, are Agiles hardwood? I am NOT into the Metal music ****. I mostly play Classic Rock. I am also taking a class through my high school, so there will be some playing without an amp
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Every Agile I've owned/seen is made out of real tonewood (maple, alder, and mahogany). On the 3000 and up you get a two piece mahogany body and it is rumored that the standard 3000s have a 3 piece maple cap and the official maple versions have a nicer 2 piece cap. And from pictures of stripped down AL-2000s they even have a 3 piece maple cap with a decent amount of thickness.

The alnico pickups in the AL-3000 are nice IMO especially for stuff like classic rock. You could always get a small battery based amp running to a pair of headphones for when you are playing at school.