Society at large is affected most by 3 things. They are - The government, the weather, and music. Music’s role in society is equal to that of a doctor, because if it is used in the proper manner, it can heal anybody of all of their shortcomings.

Confession tries to do just that, by integrating emotion and melodies. The melodies are held together by the thundering drums of Daniel Lentes, with the pounding bass line of Charlie Strouse. The guitar lines are orchestrated by Michael Hare, while the vocal melodies are pushed out by lead singer Jeremy Eye.

With influences such as Strata, Death Cab For Cutie, and Chevelle mixed into one, Confession is sure to be an act that is not commonly found in the Pennsylvania music scene.

The live performances are held together by an even mix of both originals and covers. As their musical careers broaden, Confession plans on integrating more and more originals into their live set, as they will soon be releasing their first full length CD, “A Brief Glance from the Eyes of Sanity.”

Confession has performed with many local, regional, and national acts, and has befriended many of them. Some of the acts include The Poptart Monkeys, Fosterchild, The Glasshouse Children, Kiss the Sky, Stygian, and many more artists! They perform everywhere from firehouses, to block parties, to clubs supporting nationally touring acts.

So keep checking back for our upcoming dates and shows, and ask us to come to your area, as we most certainly will oblige!

"If you're going to try, go all the way. Otherwise don't even start..."
Charles Bukowski