I want to buy an electric guitar with humbucking pickups, low action, at least 22 frets, a warm tone. I want to do from rock to metal type stuff mostly, some minimal blues and jazz. I want a cool looking guitar but I'm mostly concerned with comfortability. I play a about 2 shows every other week. I prefer D'addario strings, and play into a Line 6 Spider 3 75watt. I'm interested in possibly getting a seven string like the Schecter Damien 7, or a semi-hollow body but I don't want it to fall apart and die when I jump around a little. I currently am playing a upper end squire (if there is such a thing) its basically crap, 3 single coil pickups, when I press to hard (actually not very hard) on a the string it sharps the note, ... the catch is my budget is $500 don't need anything amazing just something to get the job done. Your recommendation will be greatly appreciated
Just to say it before everyone else, get a new amp first. $500 will go far with an amp and it will kick the crap out of a SpiderIII
at least 22 frets? thats a standard

check out the schecter C1, hellraiser C1, and hellraiser C7
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I agree with the amp. I'd rather play a Squier through a good tube amp than a Gibson through a Marshall MG.

For $500, you can find some decent used Peavey's and Marshalls. I found my XXX Super 40 ($950 new I think) for $450.

If you insist on staying with the Spider, I recommend an Agile AL-3000 or higher from rondomusic.com
schecter c1 semi hollow body. my brother's friend just got one and he loves it.
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they're closer to 600-700, but it's worth it
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Ditch the Spider and get a new amp first. I recommend a Laney LC15 or LC30, though you might need an overdrive pedal for really heavy stuff.

And have you checked the intonation on that Squier? Usually the only times you get sharp notes from pressing too hard is with jumbo frets or a scalloped fretboard.
You play two shows every other week on a Squier? Sure! In your mom's basement, right?
Seriously, amp is a lot more important for your tone. I had the choice of sticking with a Vox AD30VT and getting a new guitar, or keeping my S470 and getting a nice tube amp.

Damn glad I did.

After hearing the sound of distortion/overdrive with the power of a tube amp, you wont want to be playing your SS amp again. Get an amp.
Ok I get the point, get a decent tube amp for ~$500 it will sound much better than the spider. I'll look at those guitars all of you suggested. Thanks
yeah for 500 you'll want to find a good tube combo.

a guitar will sound so much better through a better amp, rather then a better guitar through a crap amp.

BUT if you want a new guitar and dont mind the line 6, you'll want a new guitar AND the Line 6 Uber Metal pedal.
that pedal like kills the digital sound of the line 6, my friend plays his schecter through a spider III 30 watt i think, and uses that pedal and it makes all the difference.

edit: oh yeah, guitar reccommendation :P

it gets old reccommending this, but get an Ibanez RG4EXQM1.
its 450 for the one with the Edge trem, and 300 for the one without it (but the one
without it has cheap ass plastic tuners and a piece of crap bridge)
so get the one with the trem and get better for your money.
You'll want a pup swap eventually, but it's good for now.
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Hunt Hunt hunt on the used market for a Cort M520 or higher M series number. After you pick one up for about 200$ put the rest towards a good amp.
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