i was confused a little from the lessons on this site, what is the root note?Is it the note you first start on from the 6th string? cuz every1 says when you start on the fifth fret its an Am scale, but thats just an A note.
Yeah, but it's still an Am scale. The minor part has nothing to do with the root note. There is no Am note. There's an A flat though, and if you started on the 4th fret of the E then you would have an Abm scale.

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The root note is the first note in the pattern of intervals that form the scale.

The minor pentatonic has the following pattern of intervals...ill use numbers to repersent the number of frets beween each note, the R is your root note, or starting note.


One of the patterns of the minor pentatonic starts on the low E, however you can play the scale anywhere, just locate your root note and drop the pattern in.

The FIRST thing you need to do though, before learning scales, is to learn the notes on the fretboard. You need to do that so you can learn and use the scale properly, ove rthe whole fretboard.
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I'd follow Steven's advice. I am in the process of learning the notes on the fretboard and there are some interesting things so you "take heart" at the task ahead of you. There is a repeating pattern you will find very quickly to help. Because of this, you can always (within the first 12 frets or starting over after that) move around a certain number of frets to get to a note....that's kinda simple and cool when solo'ing.

Steven has been doing this stuff forever, like 18 years I think (old git lol....kidding) so I tend to listen to his advice. Is it what I want to hear always? Hell no, but it is good advice. I say that because you have to actually do some "none fun" stuff to get to the "fun stuff".