so, im trying to put a song i made into guitar pro, but i dont get how to use it...like, when i put notes down and change em, sometimes the frame or whatever its called its in turns red and messes it up...

how do i fix this?? how can i make it all right and not skip or turn red or anything???
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if it turns red it's cuz the bar is incomplete
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You have to have musical knowledge to use Guitar Pro.

If you play stuff randomly and write it down it'd be hard to arrange it in musical notations and such.
Revise the time signatures and tempos. Also check the note sequence.

As I said, check the tempos, because you always need to adjust them. If a segment turns red, it means something is missing and that that sequence is incomplete.

Actually I use it to write my songs , but not a lot.

Hope I was helpful. Somehow =/.
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