I'm pretty proud of this song I made.

I played the guitar and bass, the rest was done with Guitar Pro.

*Edit* Not my first post, but my first recording post
dude get an mp3 hosting site, that streams your music like soundclick, my space or UG

not everyone wants to have to download your song.

That said the production was pretty sweet. I didnt like the intro with the hard panning. Maybe just have 2 tracks playing but turn the right and left up more when you need to so it isnt a big jump from side to side as its quite disorienting. The solo was pretty sweet, the recording is so clean what equipment are you using? whats your setup? with vocals this coould be really badass :heabang: although i really didnt like your use of the other instruments in guitar pro, they just seemed to be there for filler and really didnt add anything to the song.
My setup is an Epiphone G400, Digitech Df-7 Distortion Factory, and a Fender Frontman lined right to my computer.