Can anyone please tell me this chord: I kinda dont know how to do it cause theres more than 4 spaces to put ur fingers can anyone xplain me this also :

E -x- | --- | --- | --- | ---
B -x- | --- | --- | --- | ---
G --- | -x- | --- | --- | ---
D --- | --- | -x- | --- | ---
A --- | --- | -x- | --- | ---
E -x- | --- | --- | --- | ---

Can u guys plz help and explain
Ok you need to barre.
use your index finger to go across the... uhh the left.
Index finger on the E, B, and E
Middle on the G
Ring + Pinky on the D, A
F [barre chord]
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Oh sorry misread it...my bad...
Usually (usually I say!) if there are three notes in a row of the same fret. Like above. I think...UG? Help?
Well, that's a major barre chord, as someone said it would usually be played by using your index finger to form a barre, ie press down all six strings, then you would use your middle finger on the g string, pinky on the d and your ring or 3rd finger on the a string. The tab you showed doesn't actually specify what fret that's at or what chord it is, though you can easily work it out as the root is on the e string, so 1st fret would be an F, 5th fret A etc.

Actually an x on a tab usually indicated a muted or unplayed string, but I think it's safe to assume they're just being used to indicate the shape on an unspecified fret.

As for when you have to barre, when there's no other choice I suppose is the only time you have to barre. I can't think of a way to get around having to barre using your index for that chord though, you could fret the low e with your thumb and not play the high e, but then it's not exactly the same.

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