About 6 months ago, I dumped my whole pedal rig to go pure and just play guitar > amp. I've been doing so for the past 6 months, just my guitar and my Tech 21 TM60, however, increased numbers of gigs and requirements for performances mandate that I need to rebuild a pedal rig, however I can't do it the same way.

The music I'm playing most frequently now sounds very much like Arcade Fire and U2's stuff, so I need a pedal rig that will help further my tone in those areas.

I'm guessing the staples are a good delay unit, as well as a couple decent overdrives, maybe a compressor?

What are your suggestions, and why?
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EHX (?) Memory Man delay. Very good for a Delay, and idk for sure, but might not be a Digital Delay. Maybe a Boss delay would be a nice option.

Big Muff Pi, used by Edge, Fruscianti, and Jack White. Maybe something else for a more aggressive tone.

Compressors are very similar id think. Boss makes some good ones.

A Flange or a Phaser with a Delay sounds awesome. Go with a Boss Super Shifter. It also does octaving i think and harmonies.
I think you'll find this site extremely helpful:

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