I have an Allparts.com Strat replacement body...nearly new.

Olympic white...w/trem, strap buttons and output jack

retails on allparts.com for $330....I am asking $210

I can email pics if you pm me an address
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where are u located? i got a bodie. lol.

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Ive got a body... Its an Ibanez rg ish but without the all access neck joint and a different control cavity. Theres routing for 2 hum and 3 pots but no pup selector (I planned to do a j bass style wiring) and there is no holes for a bridge so you can mount any bridge you want to. I have a 2 post strat tremolo on the way that I dont need that I will include for $20 installed (Ill even recess it if you want a low profile look) and Ill do any other body work if your interested, ie. fill one of the pot holes or add a pup selector hole for you. Also she has a strat style neck pocket. I think $50ish is a fair price. If you want pics let me know.