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BattleField 2
12 67%
BattleField 2142
6 33%
Voters: 18.
Personally, i have both games. I played bf2 and decided to get bf2142, and was disappointed. bf2142 keeps buggering itself anally and for sum reason decided it didn't want to work anymore and simply wont even start. This makes me incredibly peesed orf, since the pile o' crap cost me $90.00. Whereas bf2 has given me no grief at all.

Now i thought sequels were supposed to be better???

Your opinion??
i would like 2142 more if it had titan mode for single player, sadly it does not =[
I liked 2142 a lot more, but neither held my attention for more than a few weeks.

I haven't played BF2 with every expansion though, only Special Forces, I think there is just one more, right? Well, I can't imagine it being that much better.

I just like a more futuristic/fantasy setting, I guess.
2 owns 2142, i play bf2 all the time and still havent gotten tired of it
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yeh man, bf2 has that thing about it that you cant get bored of it, kinda like san andreas in a way.
2142 no questions asked. Just got done with playing it now.

For some reason I lag horribly in bf2 and not in 2142.
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