Howdy I thought pickup screws, which lower or raise the pickups towards the strings, were used just for that, but apparantly it has been set up that way specifically

"And one more thing with humbuckers, DON'T MESS WITH THE PICKUPS SCREWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those screws contain the number of whinds that the pickup has. Those have been set for that specific guitar and pickup. If you want the whindings moved, you want more whindings or less, then get a professional to do it. It takes more than just a screwdriver to know exactly what your doing when it comes to humbucker whindings. "

as taken from http://musical-frogs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=441

is that true?
Wrong. The screws that raise and lower the pickup have absolutely no effect on the pickup "whinding".

They're probably talking about the pole pieces. But even if they are, most pickups purposely have adjustable pole pieces so you can really fine tune your sound.

I have no idea what the hell that guy is talking about...
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yeah, Im totally going to get my tech to adjust my pole pieces. He'd laugh at me.

that's not even what they do
lol..i unscrewed mine all the way, had to take the whole pickup out, and put the SPRINGS-that's what they are, not whindings or whatever you called them lol, back onto the middle screws and then put the pickups back on once you get the springs successfully back onto the middle screws.

seriously if you needed a guitar tech to do that for you then you are crowned with the dunce hat
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The pole piece screws go thru a center bobbin. So if you take em out they will go back in. Some adjust em some dont. As for what some guy says he didnt even spell it right. Apparently he has some sort of idea that different screws are used for each pickup and is somehow critical to the windings working. As I know it the windings dont even touch the screws. They go around the plastic bobbin they screw into. You generally want the center ones a little higher than the outsid eones depending on the radius of your fret board. But then again many never turnem out and never notice a difference. This is one for whats the stupidest thng a guitar player has ever told you. If they shouldnt be adjusted they wouldnt make em adjustable now would they.