do these amps only have one channel? (being clean?)
these look and sound like great amps but i dont like the idea of spening all that money on an amp that dosent have overdrive... :S
No, you can find JCM models that are dual channel. And the single channel ones have overdrive; you just have to crank the amp to get it.
depends what jcm model.

and even the single channel jcms (i'm thinking of the 800) can get some beautiful tube-driven distortion
There are several different JCM's. JCM800's, JCM900's, and JCM2000's are all rather different.
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Note that some of the most "lusted over" overdrive tones throughout the years have come from single channel Marshall's. This includes (but is not limited to) the JCM800 series. You'll find more immediate versatility with the JCM2000's, but don't forget what your guitar volume knob can do to clean up a dirty JCM800.
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