I seem to occasionally get these weird calluses under my fingernails every once in a while, and I was wondering if anyone else got them. I've been playing for about two years, and I got them a bunch when i first started playing, but I recently got one and I can't play without experiencing a ton of pain.

Here's what it looks like:

So, can anyone tell me anything about this?

Edit: Very funny, guys. Sorry about the crappy picture, it's hard to get a good one from a cell phone. Anyway, the white part you see is a half-moon shape, curved inward, which is the callused part.
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I don't know about the callus, but your finger is overall far too blurry to be healthy. You should see a doctor.

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its a bit blurry, but i think i know what you mean. i had one too. its a bitch, but nothing serious. it willw ear off in a couple of days. just dont playa s much so you dont make it worse. take a little break.

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