Ok guys well I'm just wondering do you guys find everything in life pointless seeing how our whole existence is merely to procreate so why bother with anything else right? Well I giot to argueing with a friend about this and just wondered what you guys view on this was s everything pointless or not?
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Are you Emo? you must be...

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Are you asking if it's okay to do nothing in life but have sex?
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Why do you think that the point of life is to procreate? That is a part of life, yes, and without it there wouldn't be any subsequent life...but that doesn't mean that procreation is the meaning of life.

Just let life be what you make it. If you're thinking there's no point in life, then you'll get nothing out of it. Just go out there and have a great mother f----g day!
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Are you Emo? you must be...


Threadstarter, I think there comes a time in someone's life when he starts to question the reasoning behind everything in life. You'll grow out of it though, trust me. You will find reasons for having fun, etc.
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