i was just asked today by the head of the music dept. at my college to perform at some dinner. The dinner is tommorow. They want me to play 20 minutes. i get paid a little bit, $25. It will jsut be me playing with an acoustic guitar. I plan on playing tears in heaven, im going to do this little improv amazing grace thing. tommorow morning im gonna firure out signe form claptons unplugged album. can anyone else think of anything i should play in addition to this. I was thinking maybe some jazz standard or something. Thanks.
Try some Angus & Julia Stone, maybe some Bob Dylan (tangled up in blue is a good song to do if you can remember the words). Uh... maybe Yesterday by The Beatles? Blackbird would be nice too.
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Amazing Grace? Please for the love of God no.

Maybe Johnny Cash? Smashing Pumpkins? Maybe Bill Withers "Ain't No Sunshine"
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dude...bust some Gilded **** by Cradle of Filth on that unplugged badboy infront of that audienec!!! THEY'LL LOVE IT!!

no but in all seriousness, do American Pie as long as you remember what little words there are, ^_^
Quote by Ingsoc
Amazing Grace? Please for the love of God no.

Maybe Johnny Cash? Smashing Pumpkins? Maybe Bill Withers "Ain't No Sunshine"

its at a christian school, thats why im doing amazing grace.

If you can't those notes, think about this: "Nutclamp"
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I support the previously suggested Hallelujah and American Pie.
I'd also go for Blue Bossa as a Jazz Standard, espicially if you can get a backing track of the chords.
I also like to add:
Sultans Of Swing - Dire Straits
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

That aside, you've triple posted in the start of the thread, delete those or get reported.
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theres a beatutiful version of son house's laughing in your face somewhere on youtube (search son house laughing in your face). Also red rain, cause and effect and we are going to be friends (not sure if that last ones a cover or not) by the white stripes are easy enough and funsies. Hallelujah is also awesome and as far as standards go, Autumn leaves is always fun a cappela.
Believe In Dreams by Flyleaf.

It's just chords, but still a good acoustic song.

I Miss You by Incubus?

Cold Cash Colder Hearts Acoustic by Thrice. Show them you care.