Alright this might not fall under gear building and customizing per se, but bear with me.
Can anyone here help me in setting up a good sounding, preferably quite cheap recording option? By option i mean rooms, mics, computer programs...anything that could make my recordings sound good.
Well if you have a computer, you can buy (or 'obtain') good recording software.
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^And if your playing something acoustic (like acoustic guitar, drums, etc) then get a sonorized room, some good quality mics and a way to get that in the PC, also a master control would be awsome with all that stuff ;3

But since your just looking for cheap and i bet you play electric guitar then just get a fast pc with necessary software and a way to connect your amp to the pc and thats all, your set for the time
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computer+audio interface+software+shure sm57= winrar!
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