This is not the complete and final version.

This is more like a rough draft. There are some akward transitions and other areas that just feel lacking. Also it's not even close to the desired length.

But if you want to make it better than you best start suggesting now.

Edit: Fixed the tuning on lead guitar.

Edit 2: Added Bass to the fill

Edit 3: Touched up the intro and transition into first verse
Epica (4).zip
Nice banana, Andy Warhol.
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You said it's a rough draft, but it sounds fine to me. It was very origional with the whole prog mixed with techno mixed with metal thing going. In the intro you should maybe turn down the sytnh. It really gets muddy around there, but the sytnh is fine during the rest of the song. I think it would sound better if the drums did an actual beat in the verse, too. The flow of the song seems to stop when you hit the verse, so I would change thnat a bit. Other than that, excellent song. 9/10.
Yeah, the verse is one of those akward transitions I was talking about. Well, thanks a lot though. I'll see what I can do to fix it. keep an eye out on this post as I'm constantly doing edits.
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And for the record, the tab in that thread was awful.

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No, you can either take that out of your signature, warping my comments, or put a damn link in your sig to the thread.

Yes is was awful, but that's not the point, is it?
Warping your comments? It's exactly how it went down, I never even said a word to you in the thread and you bashed my attitude.

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