Please tell me I am not the only UGer who listens to The Dixie Chicks.

I hope not. They have some really great songs. I reckon they are quite underrated. Natalie Maines is an incredible singer compared to most of the singers in mainstream songs today (such as Rhianna, Fergie, etc.) and their songs range from very cheerful to quite sad.

I'm sure alot of people who have actually never listened to them probably claim to dislike them because they are country or because they are women, but that is rather ignorant. Hopefully some of these people will eventually give them a chance.

Martie McGuire (the one that plays violin) is also pretty hot for her age, but thats a whole different story

My favourite songs of theirs are:

Wide Open Spaces
I'm not Ready to Make Nice
Traveling Soldier

and a few others.

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sry, im still butthurt over them hating on Texas
also i think they just hopped on the bandwagon when all the other musicians started hating bush.
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I listen to a lot of country... none of which includes the dixie chicks. i personally despise them and would rather listen to anything else except rascal flatts, who i hate more than the dixie chicks
Don't like them. I hate what they did to "Landslide". They took all of the magic out of it. Ugh.
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I dont mind them, my girlfriend loves them but i prefer Taylor swift for a woman country singer... someone more my age and less bashing of Texas... Love them long horns.
They're quite good. =)
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Believe me The Dixie Chicks are on my Top 5 of my favourite artists ever. Natalie Maines has one of the best voices of our time and if people are stilled pissed about the whole Bush controversy they should get a life..haven't you realised that they were RIGHT?!

Anyway, they are a bunch of uber-talented individuals who have the ability not only to pick and play great songs but to write them too (they're whole last album was co-written by them, including "Not Ready To Make NIce"). If i had to pick a favourite album it would be "Home". Great songwriting on this album from geniuses like Patty Griffin and Darrell Scott. "Fly" is also a great album, check out "Cowboy Take Me Away", "Sin Wagon", "Goodbye Earl" and "Ready To Run" on that album.

Closed minded people who wont listen to the likes of THe Dixie Chicks piss me off because they will change your thoughts on country music...they are also THE HIGHEST SELLING FEMALE GROUP IN HISTORY!..now, put that in your pipe and smoke it!
They are all fantastic players. There last record was fab. Production was insane. Not Ready to Make Nice is a killer track. The documentary about them if worth seeing, fan or not.