If an acoustic guitar itself loses its tone is there something that can be done to restore it? Can it be prevented? I . an inexpensive Ibanez that I payed under $200 new. I have heard some of these inexpensive guitars con do this, some as early as 6 months.
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Buy a new one. Jeez.
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Buy a new one. Jeez.


I can't believe how many times someone has said this to me and when I ask when they last changed the strings they look at me like I'm mad and reply, I haven't changed the strings since I bought it. Phosphor Bronze strings sound **** very quickly, if you play every day after a month they will be dead so change them, alternatively get a set of Elixir nanoweb strings they sound a little bit dull initially but last about 3 times as long (hence the price!).

Aside from that I did have a classical guitar where the neck warped after 6 months and the sound was heavily diminished, I got a written apraisal from a luthier and took it back to the dealer and got my money back.
High humidity that has caused the guitar's wood to swell some can also cause a dead sounding tone. The wood won't resonate properly if too damp. Old strings are the number one cause of a dull tone.
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Old strings are the number one cause of a dull tone.

Yep yep yep! First thing to do is change the strings. If you still feel like the guitar sounds worse than it did when you bought it, check back!
Thanks for the responces all. I've had the guitar for almost 6 months no. I have changed the strings when they start to sound flat and lifeless. What I was concerned about was the guitar itself. I did wonder about humidity though. The guitar sounds great right now. I guess I'm just future tripping on it going dead before I can afford to invest in a higher end one. Again, thanks
^-- that depends on how it is built. if it is constructed of solid wood, it should improve with age. considering that the threadstarter bought an ibanez for under $200, i SERIOUSLY doubt that it is constructed of solid wood anywhere. that being said, the guitar won't get better with age, but it also shouldn't get any worse! laminate body guitars typically sound exactly the same regardless of how much they have been played or how old they are. they are still susceptible to humidity damage, but that is true with any guitar.