I'm after a 7 string, there was an Ibanez RG7620 on eBay within my price range (£400) unfortunately it's been sold *SIGH*! and I can't find any others, I got pretty excited about the S7320 until I noticed it only has 22 frets, but then I saw this...


Does anyone know if the floyd rose would stay in tune on this? I'm pretty much going to be bashing the **** out of it :p so... I can't find many reviews for it... anyway all opinions welcomed!
it should, schecters are quality

get it man

im not sure but i think i saw that guitar on adirondack guitars too (google it)
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I can't see it on adirondack but it is a lovely looking guitar and perfect specs... I never notice how nice Schecters were before!
If anyone can recommend some more 7 strings with floyd rose and 24 frets while I'm out that'd be cool as I've basically got to get a new guitar this week.