Contact them and haggle. but its the online store so you won't have much luck haggling.

You could ask for blemished models if your okay with minor damage.
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Blem's are always good. My local store dude told me that everything that they buy are blem items. Obviously they touch them up before they sell, but most people never know anyways.
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I'm pretty sure you can't unless you can find a cheaper price elsewhere, then they'll match that price, I believe.
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yea just find a better price

i just bought a Boss GT-8 for 750 with power supply. rrp is 1 grand without power supply and postage/insurence. I'm Australian
go to ebay!

I wish i was american. you can get anything so cheap from USA eBay!!

i'm from europe so... gets a little bit harder to find low-priced used stuff
I seriously doubt Musicians Friend will let you attempt to haggle unless you find a better deal elsewhere that you can prove exists. I do know that Sweet Water does. If you want I can pm you my sales rep's email so you can talk to him.
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